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Colposcopy Clinic


Colposcopy - a highly specialized diagnostic & therapeutic procedure

Dr Zaharuddin is attached to premier quaternary and tertiary hospitals which provide colposcopy services either for diagnostic or therapeutic colposcopy. Colposcopic clinic is well equipped with colposcopy machine, monitor, biopsy instruments, cryotherapy, large excision biopsy, HPV genotyping test and immunohistology chemistry (IHC) stains.

Colposcopy is a highly specialized procedure that is important to the successful diagnosis of a range of gynaecological conditions, particularly abnormal Pap smear or pre-cancerous changes of the cervix. While many gynaecologists offer colposcopy, but very few specialize in the field. Here at our colposcopy clinic,Dr Zaharuddin who is a certified colposcopist has a true passion for this speciality, as a result, our patients can be assured they are in the excellent hands of a highly experienced and knowledgeable consultant.

What should you do if your doctor suggest you to see Dr Zaharuddin for colposcopy?

  1. Please call our main clinic +603 7491 6490

  2. or Whatapps/SMS our hotline +6011 1866 0818

  3. or email Dr Zaharuddin 

  4. or use our booking appointment link

  5. Please tell us your preferred hospitals (Sunway Subang Jaya, Beacon Hospital or Sunway Velocity KL), date & time to come for initial consultation, examination , pre procedure counseling and to decide for colposocopy

  6. Please bring all previous Pap smear results, insurance coverage and a referral letter from your doctor (if available)

  7. Most insurance policies cover colposcopy procedure. If you are using health insurance coverage, we will apply to the insurance company and your procedure will be done on other date(once the insurance coverage is approved)

Diagnostic colposcopy with biopsy and cryotherapy can be done as outpatient procedure (procedure duration around 30 min but total time at the clinic could be 2 hours until home) or it can be done as daycare admission if using insurance


Estimated total costs


A.Diagnostic colposcopy with biopsy

  1. RM 2500 or USD 555 (as outpatient)

  2. RM 3500 or USD 777 (admission daycare)

  3. RM 3500 or USD 777 (with cryotherapy as outpatient)

  4. RM 4500 or USD 1 000 (with cryrotherapy and admission daycare)


​B. Therapeutic colposcopy (cone biopsy/LLETZ/LEEP)

  1. RM 9000 or USD 2 000 (especially under general anaesthesia)


       Estimated at currency rate USD 1 = RM 4.5

Why do you need Colposcopy & LLETZ?

Pre-cancerous changes in cervical cells could develop into cancer if left untreated or unmonitored.

Colposcopy examination aims to confirm the result and possibly a treatment (LLETZ) to remove any confirmed pre-cancerous cells.

Colposcopy and Lletz Treatment


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